Friday, March 1, 2013

Leave me speechless

Forget making love, I want you to fuck the shit out of me
And I am not talking about make-up sex either, I want it angry
I have been a very naughty girl and need a spanking
“No, harder…yea, harder”
And when you are hitting it from the back don’t forget to give my hair a little yanking
Pick me up and throw me against the wall, and passionately kiss me
Tongue dive deeply into my dark seas
Drink as if your throat is parched
To where I can’t stay still and my back naturally arches
I want to emcee slobber all over your open mic
And on your tip, flicker my tongue while I graze my teeth but not quite bite
Grasping your width, my mouth suctions
Your saltiness greets my throat with a familiar introduction
Just enough to excite as each nipple hardens
Your fingers slipping and sliding in and out of my botanical gardens
Flip me upside down and tongue kiss my ovaries as the blood rushes to my head
Now pick me up and gravitate me in your arms as your hard dick embeds
Grasp my ass tightly with hard rhythms as you get even deeper within me
Eyes rolling in the back of my head, actions felt and I have lost the ability to see
“Oh yea Daddy, right there”
Fuck going slow, I want it fast and hard…My moans increase and louder I scream
Convulsions erupt as I shake uncontrollably, orgasmic relief down your shaft I stream
Aggressively flip me over and cuff my wrists to the bed post
Teasingly regulate my temperature and be the prescription for my addiction I’ve been diagnosed
Marinate in my wetness and relish in our passion
Dominate and spank this pussy like an assassin
“Fuck me harder, yea harder…ahhh yea”
Gently choke me
As you ravishingly stroke me
With me in one hand, take the other and in one sweep knock everything off the dresser
Perfectly level me for that intense and stronger pleasure
Slowly enter my tight ass with ease and care
Hit that spot as tears of joy stream from my eyes and I gasp for air
With my neck tilted back kiss my lips
Feathering my neck with slow breaths as you grind more rapidly firmly grasping my hips
Carry me into the shower as the warm water over our bodies flow
I bend down to gratefully give you another blow
Ankle grabbing while you balance me and I arousingly throw it back
You flirtingly give my ass a loud smack
My legs start to shake as volumes increase
Which initiates the inevitable release
The pulsating of your dick makes me cum again
We take a moment to catch our breath, and irresistibly let the process begin
“Cuffs please, my turn”
Let’s play this little game
I want your neighbors to know my name
This time I want to be the dominating mistress
You oblige and as always we are both left speechless


Brian Miller said... jstar...bang bang...that is hot and fun all the way down...i want to emcee slobber on your open mic...hahahaha

JStar said...

LOL...Glad you enjoyed Brian! The show last night was hot and heavy and inspired this piece... :-)

Organic Meatbag said...

Hey Jen, long time no talk! Fuck, this was red fuckin' hot... god, I love a dirty minded girl...whoa, my pants got tight in the ol' crotchal area...hahaha

JStar said...

HEY! LOL I am so glad I could excite you with my wet dream :-)

Reggie said...

That was fierce.

JStar said...

Thank you Reggie! Those poets on the show inspired this one :-)

1manview said...

Whoa, am I'm at the correct blog? JStar getting down and nasty... LMBO ... That was naughty hot. Love the inspiration...I too have been inspired... :)

Peace and love

JStar said...

:-) yes yes I went in on this one! Lol glad I could inspire you