Friday, March 22, 2013


Enough is enough; I am so tired of being prejudged
Knowing nothing about me but you discriminate and hold a grudge
I am not “acting black”; please tell me how do you act a race
However I do know some that go out of their way to fit in, but with me that’s hardly the case
I am a product of my environment and I grew up the minority
The reason I speak and dress as I do can only be classified as a social conformity
In school, I got teased and at times had to fight
All because my skin was white
I am not out to take your man, I have my own
So, what’s up with the comments and nasty looks making your disgust known
Because I have chosen to date outside of my race, why does this affect you
You have no idea what it’s like to walk in my shoes
Remember I was the minority, and my choices of a partner have been limited
Where opinions from all have never been omitted
Why do you go so far as attempting to take what’s mine
Assuming he will be better off with his “own kind”
It was our decision to fall in love
Is it that you think we are undeserving of
A love that is not based on race but a love that is ever so true
We were able to look past your detestable views
I was raised by a mother who taught me to love everyone regardless of the color of their skin
A mother who holds no hate within
She has lived in the era of segregation and desegregation
With an open and unprejudiced heart that at that time caused complications
Being a witness to family member’s racist views
Distaste and hate continuously spewed
Race relations over the years have not improved
But others opinions over my life are so far removed
I have dealt with discrimination from all races because of my choices
Hateful words replay in disgustful voices
My daughters endured hate and jealousy due to their silky hair and light skinned tone
Long before they understood why a part of their own race disowned
I have endured my share of struggles and hardships
Some men only wanting to fuck a white woman with relationships skipped
Being used and abused time and time again
To look at me you would never know where to begin
To comprehend all that I have ever had to withstand
To know how pure and loving my heart is you may never understand
My question is, where is the love and respect
Negative energy is our disconnect
I am tired of the name calling and assuming
I refuse to allow disrespect to consume me
I only strive for happiness; if you don’t agree with my choices, please let me be
Because at the end of the day, I am always going to be me


Big Mark 243 said...

Powerful piece... another one of your works that I can envision being performed on a stage under a spotlight and in front of an audience...

You are speaking for so many people in these words that it almost seems to obligate you to share this with more people than those here on the internet...

JStar said...

I performed it last night on a call in show, Sunday I will be onstage and reading this :-) Thank you so much! I had to get this out there!

Brian Miller said... that you will be performing this the honest feeling and real life you put in your pieces def touches peoples lives....

The Write Girl said...

Amazing poem JStar. Your message is real and from the heart. I could hear the beautiful rhythm and flow throughout so I'm glad you are doing readings!

Reggie said...

Nice post.

I've often wondered exactly how one does "act black". As if that's something someone can actually do.