Thursday, March 21, 2013

Secret Lovers

Who would have ever thought, me and you…I am still in shock
Ever since the first kiss our passion has held my heart securely locked
I can’t get you out of my head, I just can’t get enough…of you
The love I feel is embedded deep within leaving me refreshed and anew
Sun dancing in the radiance of your euphoric rays glistening
Each day beams brighter as if the sun is listening
To the beating of our hearts desires
Having no idea how our future will transpire
Not worrying about tomorrow, focused on enjoying our now
Releasing doubts and barriers for the natural growth to process as time allows
Our years of friendship make this different in ways I just can’t explain
I can no longer deny or restrain
Your persistence and consistency demonstrates your sincerity
Our hearts confessions provide possibilities of prosperity
But no titles can give justice to the feelings being felt
In your presence my knees feel like Jell-O attempting to melt
Taking it day by day building our foundation for coexistence
For now keeping our love affair secret, friends and outsiders remain at a distance
The excitement of being in the same room with you, and no one having a clue
Of this lust for each other we currently pursue
Resisting the urge of my affection
From across the room, still feeling the strength of our connection
Ideas of spontaneous escapes just too secretly taste your kiss
But only inside we share our bliss
A quick glance here and there makes me lose my train of thought
Knowing that you are coming home with me where we will not have to worry about getting caught
When the time is right, we will no longer be able to hide
All of these emotions that we hold inside
But until then
I will only confide with my pen
Freefalling in our overflow
As I mystically bask in our love’s glow
Each day that passes another layer uncovers
And just maybe one day, we will no longer be defined as secret lovers


Big Mark 243 said...

JStar... if I were your man (I am JUS' SAYIN'... not like I am an internet stalker-azzi..!) you would not be a secret...

You are a beautiful woman both inside and out... you deserve to be more than a hidden secret...

JStar said...

Awwww :-) so sweet...but this is saying that we are keeping it secret in order to strengthen our bond...Its all new, so we are taking it slow...AND we had a whole network of friends in common in our poetry circles....So professionally speaking, due to fans and show we need to keep it hush hush for just a little while...Until we are official and sure we are going where we want to go....

Brian Miller said...

nice...i hope that it works out for you j...and how cool someone as well you can share the art with...

Reggie said...

I absolutely love the way you turn a phrase JStar

JStar said...

Thank you so much Brian :-) I sure hope so as well. It looks promising!

JStar said...

Thank you so much Reggie!!! :-)