Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beautiful Silence

Just laying here in your arms I feel your soul connected to mine
Tingly sensations run up and down my spine
As I lie on your shoulder and caress your chest, each inch of your skin I kiss
Each second of our love making over and over I reminisce
Words not needed because each emotion is being felt and our eyes tell no lies
As each sunset’s, in you my sun rises
Our lips connect in ways that defy language with our own interpretations
Physical actions create cosmic salutations
Telepathically speaking our own heartfelt dialect
Communicating directly indirect
Brushing my hair to the side leaving kissed stained cheeks
In unidentified tongues our passion speaks
Imperfect perfections of moon gliding and spiritual dances
Right side up but yet upside down my heart and mind collectively enhances
I feel a war of spiritual revolution
Each nerve ending rejoices in electrocution
Brainwaves create inner galactic sound waves of our rhythmic harmony
Melodically script writing love-filled symphonies
Star surfing among constellations
With destiny being our destination
Inside out and outside in I feel you
As stained glass I see only you through
Feeding off the words unspoken yet spoken loud and clear
Our hearts so naturally cohered
Beyond explanation
Loves diagnosis without question or examinations
Flowing through each other as a river of inner commotion
Mixing pheromone ingredients of our unique love potion
Addiction remedies to a fiend’s lust
Beyond words being discussed
Lavishing in assurance of a non-verbal communicated alliance
Our souls speaking our beautiful silence


Brian Miller said...

that is indeed a beautiful silence...

how you been j?

Moanerplicity said...

Wonderfully rendered. Really feeling the powerful understatement of this piece. I'm sure we've all shared those moments... yet your word choices made it all the more a real & FELT experience.


JStar said...

:-) this is about those moments following making love.. That beautiful silence when the love is felt deep within!

I have been good. Been doing a lot of performing lately :-) I hope all is well with you and the family!

JStar said...

This was written in that moment... That afterglow... It was too beautiful not to capture! I am glad you could feel me! It's been a long time! I need to get more active in blogging and visiting everyone again... I have been extremely busy with shows lately

JStar said...
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