Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vengeful Envy

The wind whispered secrets in my ear of truths and falsies 
Spread further than the eyes could see
Beneath so-called friendships were deceiving lies all the while smiling in my face
Sucking away the air from my personal space
Vultures hovering over each word and sentence thinking of ways to construe
Attempting to take away joys and life with untruths
Little did they know their evil intentions were recognized for exactly what they were
Resistance made the pot difficult to stir
Sticking their noses in business that they had no right to assume
Victory prevailed never taking flight to consume
Privacy no longer being private, publicity became a dark shadow luring in defiance 
But in the end the real story became truths reliance
While side chatter will always continue
An arms lengths distance will now ensue
Nothing or no one can take the words from my heart and sound from my lips
It's just now my mind is stronger than hateful grips
I now can see the real from the fake
And my happiness will never again be at stake
No one has the power to take what's truly mine
In my thoughts my secrets are now confined
Lessons learned reserving my trust
True love has more strength than envy and lust
I can forgive but never forget so save any apologies or pleads
Vengeance in the end has no choice but to concede

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Big Mark 243 said...

... when your CD is released, I want to purchase a copy... and your facebook status about 'side chic weekend' seems like it is inspired as well..!