Wednesday, July 28, 2010


As the sun sets
The loneliness sets in
Lying alone
In this empty bed
Day dreaming
Of what I desire
Knowing for sure
What I dont want
Not settling for less
Than I deserve
With all that said
I am still alone


Tabitha Bird said...

I understand. Alone is a place I sit in often. It can be hard to be alone. even though I like my own company and I need my space, alone is still difficult sometimes. Especially when you are holding out for what you know you want and deserve. :)

Brian Miller said...

good job not setling for jstar...soon enough you wil not be alone...

Jingle said...

happy Birthday 2 your ex...
cute poem!

steveroni said...

Alone does not have to mean "lonely"...does it? You did write the word "loneliness". I have been alone a lot, even enjoy it--grin! but to be alone, and know that nobody out there gives a dammmm whether you live or die, that is (to me) loneliness, a terrible state to be.

I hope that is not your case...I KNOW it is not, because you are here, and so many here, me too, love one another, and hope and pray for the best for each.

The Write Girl said...

Hi JStar,

Beautiful words of expression here. Loneliness is a difficult thing to go through. Hope everything works out for the best. It's always nice to visit your site.

Meagan said...

JStar - Such a natural you are at expressing what you're feeling right at that moment. But I agree with Sterveroni, it's a big difference of alone and lonliness. I've been there, just last Saturday LOL! Then I realized yes I'm here alone in the flesh, but I'm not alone because I have people who love and care for me, as do you! So when we feel that way it's a good thing! Let's you know you're alive, let's your mind be naturally creative, gaterhering an unexpected growth from within...self discovery.


Jingle said...

check to see if you like anything there.

Nadege said...

J.your yearning is deeply stamped
in this poem.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Sometimes I could have a million people around me and still feel alone....*hugs*

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that your poetry s simply captivating.