Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You've waited patiently
For me to love you
The way you love me
At first I was scared
To open my heart and be hurt
But the gentle kisses on my neck
Relaxed my spirit
And allowed me to feel
To embrace the feeling of love
Being loved in return
Is the greatest feeling in the world
Its all I have ever wanted
I feel comfortable with you
Everything feels so right
All I ask is for you
To love me for me
And always be true
My love will fulfill
You're every need and desire
For the rest of our lives
I gave you my heart
And all that it entails
Treat it with care
My words were true
When I said that I love you
Because I gave you my heart tonight


Brian Miller said...

sweet! nice write...so you gave him your heart?

Mr. Stupid said...

I just saw your pictures in the previous post. You look good in purple. My mom likes Purple too.
This was a great post. Nicely written...

JStar said...

Yea, I did Brian :) and it feels good...it feels right...I sure hope so...

Thanks Mr Stupid :)

sheri said...

hope that he can understand what this means to you? my guess is that if he's been there for you for all of those years then there just might be something to this :)

Jingle said...

great passion!

Jingle said...


if you have free moments,
help us find celebrity of bloggers who excel on humor, food/cooking, short stories, or art/painting...

thank you in advance!

1manview said...

Heart filled poem JSTAR... We all deserve to feel loved, and learning how to give back can be tricky... I know, I have been loved a very long time, and still learning how to give back.

Have a great day,
And better tomorrows....

steveroni said...

This is about the most beautiful words of love I have read--today, or many days past.

Thank You
Prayers are for YOU tonight, that your choices are correct, and your JOY remains.

Don said...

Sexy prose conveying sincere intentions. Good luck.

25champ said...

How love truly feels when we alow ourselves to open up 2 the one that loves us in return. Good Read!

Carlus Wilmot said...

Beautifull, and heartfelt work, and I am glad your happy, and so elated by the fact your writing. Its been awhile. xo xo Carlus