Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Winds gusting ferociously
Debris flying in circles
Rain pounding the pavement
Resembling rivers flowing downhill
Clouds suddenly darken
Lighting striking
Illuminating the sky
The fury is terrifying
Then as quickly as it came
It was gone
The sky brightens
To the most beautiful shade of blue
Robust white clouds
Allowing rays of sunlight through
Calmness arises
As if the fury never took place
Just as life
Throws us storms
The calmness prevails
And washes away yesterday
For today is a new day
We made it through yesterdays storms


25champ said...

That was right on point :) u said it all.

JStar said...

Yea, I called it like I saw it...Do yall have power Champ? I know everyone here in Silver Spring (Where I work) still have none and they are talking about weds to friday...thats crazy

steveroni said...

Be brave and know that there are Peeps living who have no electric power--ever. (But is ain't US!) Hope you can weather the storm AFTER the storm, as well as the storm itself!!!

Also I join Mr G-man in hoping you are back for "55".

PEACE! and we are praying for YOU!

JStar said...

I may try to post a 55 thursday and schedule it....Because I am off of work this friday is my RDO=Reg day off :)

I am preparing for my move this coming Sat....

25champ said...

Yeah we have power, the storm was still pretty bad, but it didnt' affect us like it did ya'll.

Brian Miller said...

ack sorry you are dealing with the aftermath of the storm...hope they get things fixed soon! nice poem. smiles.

Tina said...

I still have family in that area. My grandmother's summer place took some heavy hits, trees down, and the tiki bar from the dock is GONE. (Annapolis). Glad you and yours are ok. I can't imagine the DC area, in July, with no A/C. ( I lived there 1974-1983) Really liked your poem.

Miss.Stefanie said...

This breaks my heart...Ima pray. Great poem though mama!

Jingle said...

hope that everything is well now!
Happy Wednesday!

Jingle said...


pick one or two awards from my place if you want,
enjoy a fun day!