Thursday, May 30, 2013

Definitions of love

The breeze that breaths fresh air to your soul and brings life into each shade of color
The gentle brush of the wind that refreshes your spirit, cleansing your emotions
The sanctuary of home in a chaotic world, calming disappointments
The comfort of vulnerability exploring depths of the oceans core
The serenity of joy and peace your heart feels when your mind is at ease
The ecstasy of vibes created as souls connect reaching stages and levels of contentment
The passions of two becoming one, the connection of two beings into one collective spirit
The defining eruptions of each one of your senses causing waves rushing into your mind, body and soul
The volcanic explosions of the vessels within each fiber of your being
The steadiness of your feelings soaring above and beyond the clouds illuminated by each star in the sky
The dance that encircles the rings of Saturn and bounces off Venus and Mars
The orbit of your soul leaving your physical body
The light years that encompasses our true destiny
The nanoseconds that leads to decades of existence 
The rhythms that synchronize the palpitations of two beating hearts
The tickle in your throat when the expressions are released in those three words
The flutter your heart feels when your love looks into your eyes
The high you travel into the galaxy of passion
The brightness of the full moon while the stars fall entering the atmosphere
The rain that forms into drops saturating your pores with each drip
The enhancement of your bond that grows stronger with each second that passes
The excitement felt in the moments before they walk through your threshold
The scent of the morning dew blanketing your eyelids with each vision of love
The last first kiss your lips feel when you are positive they are the one meant for you
The extension of that special part of you no one has ever seen with their own eyes
The relaxation of all doubts and fears
The risk in not knowing what tomorrow will bring but enjoying the happenings of now
The luxury of giving all of you to another without hesitation
The feel of just knowing
The delicacy demonstrated with each taste your tongue embraces
The unconditional gift with no limitations
The chasing of reality found in emotions
The butterfly spreading its wings flying into thoughtlessness while appreciating its beauty
The feelings that can only be felt never able to justify the spoken
The words of poetry your heart creates within unwritten and undefined feelings that words can never truly define


Brian Miller said... is hard to define...and so hard to define in fresh ways as well that havent been used 6 ways to sunday....but i like this jennifer...felt nice...

JStar said...

:-) Thank you so much Brian...Yea, sometimes I have to stop and stand back so I am not saying the same exact thing over and over...This is a current feeling which is great...But i was asked my definition of love...I could still add so much to this...

Don said...

"The feel of just knowing, the flutter your heart feel when your lover looks into your eyes..."

Good stuff, Jennifer. Really, really good stuff.

JStar said...

:-) thank you Don!!!

1manview said...

"The last first kiss your lips feel when you are positive they are the one meant for you"

That's it alright. :)
Lovely piece JStar...

JStar said...

:-) Thank you!