Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let’s not speak

Let’s be perfectly clear, your opinion of me has no affect
I saw right through your friendly gestures and your true identity I accurately detect
You are a follower in this evil world trying to gain acceptance
Constantly attempting to prove your competence
Using your God given talent to gain friends on this artistic scene
Behind your fakeness others are also seeing right through your smoke screen
I won’t be the only one that distances themselves from your nonsense and judgmental views
I don’t have time for that and have my own business to attend to
I know exactly who I am and have no need to pretend that I am something other than me
I don’t struggle with any crisis of identity
If you think so, then you truly don’t know a thing about me and never truly tried
You only know what I chose to confide
I don’t entertain drama or feed into childish high school games
Just because I am friends with someone you don’t like, I refuse to share your blame
If the person I am bothers you, then don’t pretend to be my friend
Because who I am you will never be able to comprehend
Not being your friend brings me no love loss
I only have to answer to the man that gave his life for me on the cross
I have my own life to live
And your ignorance I can forget and forgive
I hold no hate, hurt, anger or sadness in my heart for you
It’s sad because you speak positivity but its only venom you spew
For you all I can do is pray
That one day you will see what is it that you portray
Until then, we don’t even have to fake
A friendship that you chose to forsake
My life isn’t up for your critique
So, just keep my name out of your mouth and let’s not even speak


Brian Miller said...

praying they see themselves for who they really are is probably the they wont listen until they do you know...strong words j

Reggie said...

Preach on woman, preach on!!!