Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just let go

Basking in the afterglow of you, of the passion we naturally created
A sense of a homing relaxation, in a trance heavily sedated
The emotions I feel are so overwhelming that I can’t hold back tears
This joy within disregards any previous fears
Making me wonder why I have ever wasted time with another
I feel like life has shown me truths and guided me to the one who is above all others
Each mistake I made prepared me for the blessings I am receiving
Day by day growth is constantly exceeding
I want more and more of you; the levels of love are rising
Feelings that I didn’t know were possible are surprisingly compromising
Each moment with you the intensity increases
My doubts are now resting at peace
The peace I feel in your presence
From the second we part, I mourn your absence
My thoughts are consumed by the memories of us
Just living in that suspended time, lavishing in the now
Not even contemplating tomorrow, the where, when or how
Going with the flow, allowing it to control the destiny of what is meant
The process of falling enriches the energy of contentment
Inspiring each palpitation my heart has fluttered
Supernatural feelings surpass words that could attempt definition with each breath uttered
Our visions enhancement
Love redeems spiritual advancement
Love reasons for vulnerability
Defies sensibility
And worth every risk regardless of consequence
If you allow the natural progression to commence
Allowing true love to cultivate
Just let go and allow your heart to dictate


Big Mark 243 said...

...ooh, I LOVE your hair..!

I really like this poem... I would love it if this is happening now in your life... but I only like it if it is a reflection on a past moment of your life...

...did I tell you that I love your hair..? :0)

Brian Miller said...

nice...def like the close and allowing love the time it takes to cultivate and grow...that is def important...good to see you ma'am...smiles.

JStar said...

There is someone in my life but not at this extent just yet.... This is more of what I want. :-) thank you

JStar said...

:-) thank you so much Brian