Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I need more

I need more than brief text conversations to hold me over until the next time we meet
Just for random bedroom visits attempting to be discreet
How are we supposed to build a foundation with nothing being brought to the table
Not leaving room for growth, feelings slowly being disabled
I long for late night phone calls learning each one of your desires
Time together getting to know what we require
Discovering what makes you smile
Seeing if our compatibility is worthwhile
Even though it’s been a few months, it just hasn’t been enough to sustain
I can’t tell if outside of the physical we hold enough to maintain
I need more of you
To give me something to hold onto
Something to look forward to
Promises of a future to ensue
I need you to be there for me as a man should
I need you to go above and beyond just as for you I would
I need just a little more compassion and attention
To be able to release all of this built up tension
I get tired surviving this cold world alone
Yes, I am used to handling everything on my own
But sometimes it’s nice to have a break from independence
Relief from the weight of the world and its persistence
This routine is getting too comfortable, losing its passion
Now even time spent is being rationed
I just can’t continue at this rate, disregarding my needs attempting to make due
I need more of you


Big Mark 243 said...

... just a heartfelt and wonderfully worded expression of the heart... inspirational, even, to someone who they themselves can identify in this situation...

JStar said...

Sometimes you just have to tell someone what you need and not allow things to get too comfortable

Don said...

As always, you are a woman in touch with her feelings. Love it.

JStar said...

:-) sometimes too much Don lol... But the right man appreciates that in me