Tuesday, December 7, 2010




Fresh hair cut and color; make up looking fierce
Eyes deep enough to pierce

My fresh black pumps with the newly manicured toes out
Looks are deceiving; inside I am overcoming self doubt

Tight, sexy dark blue jeans with the red low cut top
Making all of the on-looking mens jaw drop

Cute baby face on the outside
But who wants to really know the complete inside

Short in height and small in frame
Does anyone care whats really in my brain

Focused and professional. but always real
When will someone truly care how I really feel

Smiling face in front of others
Can we truly trust one another

Not impressed unless they can really connect mentally
And not only for satisfaction that only lasts momentarily

The eyes are the key to ones soul
Look deep inside that person and see thier true role

Everyone in life is not for keeps
Every night I singly sleep

Choosing not to settle for less than I deserve
My full heart I have chosen to reserve

It's not in my physical description, but whats in my heart
My inner beauty is my true work of art


Brian Miller said...

happy happy happy birthday jstar! hope you have a wonderful day!

JStar said...

:) Thanks Brian!

sssdawna said...

Happy birthday!! I'm sure you'll have a quick work day and then off to have fun : ) xo

JStar said...

Thanks sssdawna :) Me too

Jason said...

Happy Bornday Jen! *throws confetti*

Enjoy it!

Dulce said...

Any day is good to celebrate > we can state 'we got a year older'... so many- as you well know- cannot say that.
Celebrate however and have a gorgeous time!
Hugs and joy to you from the Canaries!

JStar said...

Thanks Jason and Dulce :)

Katherine said...

Have a very Happy Birthday JStar!

JStar said...

Thanks Katherine :)

Moanerplicity said...

Un Très Joyeux Anniversaire à Vous, Mon JStar!

Just wanted to stop by & wish you Love & Peace on this Special Day in your life.

Whatever your wishes, may they come true, and whatever this new year brings, may it be filled with abundant love, boundless success and the best of health.

And so my friend, have a very Blessed and Memorable Birthday... and always remember to:

Snatch JOY!



JStar said...

:) Thanks Lin...I needed to hear that!

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Happy B-day. Many more, you're looking great and the blogs looking great.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Happy Birthday missy!!! I truly hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Traci Lavette said...

Happy Birthday, Chica! Hope you enjoy to the fullest!

Anonymous said...

Your so young and pretty! i can't believe you have two girls! congratulations on your birthday, may god bless you and your girls :)

JStar said...

:) Thanks Ms Butterfly!

Thanks so much Starrla!

Thanks Chica@Traci...I had a GREAT birthday!

Aww thanks Elizabeth!

25champ said...

I feel so out of the loop. Happy Bday..the best is yet 2 come. u wear 35 well Jstar :)

Don said...

Happy Belated, Jennifer.

You don't look 35 years old at all. You barely look like you are in your late 20s.