Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Artist of words
Creating images

Of my life stories
With pen and paper

Spilling my heart
In all shades

Onto my easel
Broadening horizons

Painting lessons learned
With rhyme and reason

Tantalizing word play
In the artistic form of poetry

Hello All. Sorry for yet again another report...I am posting this for some inspiration...I am doing well, very well right now. I just cant lock in a topic. I am so in need of a muse....Now that I have a laptop and able to access the internet, I still cant write...Its frustrating, I have started a few things....But I have been working on the novel I started years ago...But thats easy because its all based on facts....

I hope that everyone is doing well!


Brian Miller said...

so great to see you jstar! you are an artist so keep slinging those words...

Big Mark 243 said...

Personally I think you should get accustomed to life as it is and write from there. Takes a different kind discipline but your 'muse' is still there and I am sure that they have the inspiration for you words..!

Dulce said...

Hummmm We seem to be in the same mood, sister!
and yet you create art how ever<

The Write Girl said...

Hey JStar,

I'm glad to here you are doing well and you have a laptop. Very nice. I'm sure your creative juices will flow soon enough. You have so much talent. I'll take a peek at your previous posts. It's been awhile. Take Care :)

Moya2bean said...

I love drawing to get my feelings out, lately its been harder...
I love your blog, very open and real :)