Friday, February 18, 2011

His Light

His Light

When the clouds are too thick to see the light
Keep your goals in sight

Be prepared to trip and fall for your vision is not yet clear
Find that strength to persevere

No matter what road blocks are in the way
In the good and the bad, dont forget to kneel before Him and pray

Be thankful for where life has brought you thus far
Even when the lessons learned leave scars

Stop making wishes over a four leaf clover
For it aint over, until God says its over

He will provide all that you require
And not always everything you desire

Have faith that it will all work out in the end
Just the way He intends

Allow His love in your heart to reside
His light is our constant guide

Good Morning All! Sorry for reposting yet again...But since I havent written anything fresh, this poem spoke to me today. I went through a rough patch recently, and He worked things out above and beyond, as always. So right now I am so grateful and praising His name!

I just got a mini laptop, so I can do some writing on. I started editing one of my novels I havent touched in years last night. Since we have a three day weekend, I promise to have some fresh poetry to post  next week. My mental state is in a place now, where I can release. I am unable to write when I am going through the situation, I usualy write about it after, as a closure thing for me....I am ready to do so now....


Brian Miller said...

yay! welcome back jstar! smiles.

Dulce said...

His love that is the best of Loves, hun. The others come and go...
A laptop is what am using right now!

Anonymous said...

Yay on your new laptop, and god is love. He's amazing!

Jingle said...

Bless you.

Happy Belated Valentine.

Just telling it like it is said...

Your strong black me are not worth the struggle..take it front a woman that it way older than you

Just telling it like it is said...

Just know that I love you unconditionally...there is not a time that you can't e-mail me

Nathaniel said...

Love the poetry! Keep up the good work. :0) Looking forward to reading more!

The Write Girl said...

This is spiritually moving and so uplifting. Thanks for reposting this. Wonderful words.