Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Kiss me like you never have before
My reservations and hesitations totally ignore

I know I haven’t allowed myself to completely let go
Allowing emotions to reach its plateau

I have been scared to give in
Terrified to truly begin

Kissing you takes things to a new height
Setting a blaze my fears to ignite

Trusting you entirely
Releasing to you my heart in its entirety

Unleashing feelings never felt
While insecurities continue to melt

Demonstrate without words but with actions
Not allowing for any distractions

Feeling again that pure love actually exists
All of these feelings set free just by your loving kiss

Good Morning All! Since some of us are still in a "lovey dovey" mood, I figured this poem was appropriate. Although I didn't even get a kiss for Valentines Day...I wrote this poem because I have always had issues with kissing because its so much more for me and I don't kiss everyone...I think I am getting over that...This is a repost, I still haven't been able to write...I think its just that soooo much is going on right now that I haven't had time to even put a thought together...I know I have been missing in action but I will be back regularly very soon....


Brian Miller said...

ooo...i want a kiss like that too...smiles. have a great day jstar!

25champ said...

I'm not big on kissing either, but once u have my heart I'm pretty much game. Great re-post!

JStar said...

Yes yes Brian, arent they the best!

My point exactly Champ, kissing is reserved for the special....But I had a hard time kissing my ex eventhough I was in love...I had to retrain myself to let go and love wholeheartidly

Anonymous said...

I already have it :)

great poem!

Traci Lavette said...

Nice poem, J. And yeah...kissing AIN'T for everyone!

Dulce said...

oh How come you did not get a kiss on vALENTINE'S!?
Well i didn't either lol... hey every day is a Valentine's day fro us love lovers
glad to see you again blogging and thanks for your visit at my new site...