Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Still Want You...

I Still Want You

I want you to kiss me passionately like you used to
I want to see you smile again when I am in your view

I want to feel the passion we once knew
I want to forget the troubles we have been through

I want sleepless nights next to you
I want our love to feel brand new

I want ecstasy to the fullest pursued
I want to feel safe to subdue

I want you to completely hold me within you
Feeling your love inside is long overdue

I want our love’s strength to always anew
Baby I still love and want only you…

Good Morning All! Another repost, sorry....This is am old one and the person I wrote this for crossed my mind...I hope everyone is doing well!


Brian Miller said...

oh yeah...defintiely feel the longing of loss...doing good about you?

Big Mark 243 said...

I won't lie and tell the person that I am sending this to that I wrote it... but I am sending it to someone..!

This is a really good poem... and I am a wee bit jealous that I wasn't able to think of a poem like this myself..!

JStar said...

I am good Brian...You are dead on as usual...I wrote this for someone Jan of last year...And posted it for that same person because they crossed my mind

:) I wont tell Mark lol...Glad you could put it to use...I dont write for nothing now lol...

TWIST said...

Real beautiful, enjoyed this piece really much!