Thursday, March 31, 2011

Freeing Darkness

Freeing Darkness

Tasting the salt of the rain
Caused by past pains
Crippling and unable to move on
Wishing the hurt was gone
Cycles continuously repeating
Energy depleting
Tired of the nightmares awakening
Scars further deepening
Unable to trust another
Not able to open up to any other
Secluded and suffering with images
From love and feelings completely distances
Tried every other avenue
But further soul destruction ensued
Until I knelt on bended knee
And asked Him to part my Red Sea
To escape my hell on earth
He led me out of darkness to a rebirth
Freeing my heart and soul
My inner bleeding healed and consoled
Giving me testimonies to recite
Carrying me out of darkness into His light


Brian Miller said...

take what he gives is painful being in that cycle but you can break free....

edit, i would drop the 'taste of' in the first line as its implied and gives more pop to your open...

JStar said...

LOl, yea I noticed that after I posted...

This came from old feelings...I have been depression free and able to move on and no longer reflect of the past pains...I let go a year ago, thats why it shocked me when this is what came out today

25champ said...

God works in mysterious ways...and he certainly used u 2 deliver his message....Great Post!..reminds me of my self-reflection post

JStar said...

Yes Champ! I have BEEN gotten out of this darkness...This testimony is true to life...But the remnants are long gone. This wasnt even weighing heavy on my heart...I had no ideas of topics, no idea what I even wanted to write...But I opened up Word, and this is what came rushing out....

CC said...

Hey, just checking out your site and love what I've read, you are talented. I'm into writing myself (more novels than poetry) and post on my site from time to time so reading other people's work is always encouraging for me. Keep it up.