Monday, March 28, 2011

His Answer

His Answer

I have so many things going and don’t know which way to turn
Making the right decision is my main concern
Which doors need to be opened and which ones needs to be closed
I pray for my eyes to see all that is being disclosed
In seclusion I spend my time awaiting the correct answer
Where proper decisions will lead my life to an enhancer
This time is teaching me the values of patience
Showing me where my life needs maintenance
As I prepare my life toward His will
My soul He continuously refills
Giving me what I need to maintain
Knowledge through His Word, I ascertain
Giving me inner peace and confidence
Knowing behind each of my actions there is a consequence
Not falling trap to the chaos that surrounds me
In all the answers I seek, resting assure in His guarantee

Good Morning All! I just finished this poem a few mins ago.  I am slowly working my way back into my writing grove. This poem above I think is the reason I went unable to write for so long. Having soo much on my mind, not wanting to speak until I got peace with all that is on my plate.  People are coming at me left and right, to the point I don't know which way to turn.  I have spent a lot of time alone with my thoughts.  Although I still have no resolution, I am learning to be patient and await His guidance.  Allowing things to work out on their own, as hard as that truly is.  I hope that you get peace and patience from this poem, just as I did!


TWIST said...

Once again such a blessed been you have there. There is alot more inside JStar's head then we know! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. you are doing well working that way back in...your spirituality makes you a beautiful person...

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hello beauitful. Lovely poem. I like to yell 'God do something!' just when I can't take it anymore, waiting can be painful especially uncertainty just recall every time he's come through before.


Tabitha Bird said...

Wonderful :)

I wish you lots of peace. Enjoy!