Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Too busy rushing around to even think
Not allowing true feelings to sink
Just going through life’s motions
Caught up in all the commotion
Trying to stay focused
Displaying a lack of emotion went unnoticed
Pulling back wasn’t planned
My time is precious and under demand
It’s nothing you have said or done
Not really up to a rerun
My life is heading in the opposite direction
My heart is elsewhere, please accept my confession
There are feelings residing within
Of a love that pouring out through my skin
It’s always been there hidden and denied
These feelings just won’t subside
I can no longer run or ignore
This love seeping through my pores
Listening to feelings felt my heart is pleading
No longer wanting to deny by continuously rushing past true feelings

Good Morning All! FINALLY a fresh one....If you can see, I kinda been going through an inner struggle. These feelings are true to life :) But it may be a good thing -hint hint-


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i like them fresh...great rhyme scheme and i feel you on this one...its not a fun life to hold those feelings inside and float along..let it out jstar! you rock!

TWIST said...

Serious work and what a way to drop something new on us. I like the passion in your confession. Sometimes we battle with our conscious and ask ourselves what road is right to take, but God has the answers and he is showing you the path. Great piece.


JStar said...

Thanks Brian and LeRoy! This poem is talking about building my relationship with God! Not meaning to become distant with friends, but this class right now is taking a lot of my time :)

Traci Lavette said...

Nice...I say take some time to breathe and reflect. It does wonders. Sounds like your outcome could be hopeful though. Cool.