Tuesday, March 29, 2011



From lessons learned I have grown
Dodged each stone thrown
Totally loving me for me
And being the best and all that I can be
Striving for even higher stakes
No matter what it takes
Or what has to be further endured
Through each mistake I have matured
Escaping stress with peace
With my pen I release
Nothing or no one can hold me back
Staying focused and right on track
Loving even enemies with my whole heart
While nonsense departs
Respect I always demand
And stronger I stand



Susan Roux said...

I haven't stopped by in awhile. Very nice poem. Sounds like you're doing fine. All the best.

lil said...

This is really beautiful and nicely written.

Regina said...

Hi there..I enjoyed this and the one below too-
"This time is teaching me the values of patience
.. As I prepare my life toward His will My soul He continuously refills"
Your site is really lovely too!
Wishing you a wonderful day~ (perhaps evening)

25champ said...

Loving even my enemies with my whole heart...now that's a sign of growth...something that will def help you move further ahead in life..Great Post

Don said...

You poem resonates within my spirit, seeing as how much I love and adore the sentiment itself.

Like yourself, I am still standing.