Wednesday, March 2, 2011



My mouth is dry but I cannot quench my thirst
In a pool of thoughtlessness I am immersed

The world is going on around me
My inner screams are dying to be free

But I chose to remain allusive
Leaving my love and feelings for my own exclusive

Insecurities and heart entwined
Raging their own wars in my mind

Not allowing the other to win
And the other not willing to ever give in

Lost hopes and dreams
Are causing two extremes

Emotions remain unfazed
Inside my eternal love is about to set a blaze

But the one that deserves it has not revealed his face
So until he shows himself, I have removed my taste

Good Morning All! Yes, a repost. I started my second Discipleship class at church and that takes up my evenings. I hope everyone is doing well. Not sure what is wrong with me, been kinda in my own daze...Not in a funk at all, just a lot of planning on my mind. I disnt realize until someone pointed out that I was being very distant, it wasnt intentional at all.


TWIST said...

Like Cambells soup, ummm, umm good! Love this piece.

Brian Miller said...

take your time jstar...hope the class is going well...

25champ said...

i remember this post :) I'm glad ur okay..that's all that matters...why blogg will b there when u ready 2 catch up #beblessed :)

Jingle said...

kind of sad sentiments, well expressed.

Happy Monday,
Stay Blessed.