Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crumbling Barriers

I taste the lies dripping from his tongue that taste as sweet as chocolate kisses
Falling for the words sugar coated
Melting my heart with promises of the world
While never even chasing rainbows
Never even enjoying the moon
Wishing upon the falling stars
His lies were so convincing
So truthful to my aching heart
Blinded by the glare in his eyes
Fooled but the fuckery in his voice
The tones of his lies were too sweet to give me a toothache
Until the clouds cleared
And I was finally able to see
The real truth from his chocolate covered lies
That kissed my lips 
And broke my heart into a million pieces 
Now I am here picking up the pieces of my broken heart
Unsure of my own gut feeling
I was fooled into believing in him 
Now I don't know which way is up or down
Doubting myself
Not even sure how to trust another again
The barriers around my heart grow thicker
Secluded myself 
For years I ran from any possibility of vulnerability
I had stopped even the thoughts of a relationship

When all of a sudden he came out of no where
And showed such persistence 
Then he kissed me like that
Still attempting restraint
I kept my barriers intact
But each stimulating conversation drew me in closer to him 
His mind captured my attention
His touch felt like Heaven
His kisses took me on a journey 
Through roses gardens and melodies 
I never imagined letting someone else in
This close to my heart
But he just feels right
Relaxing my fears and doubt
He just makes perfect sense
The passion within his frame I can't help but feel to my core
His love radiates my being
It had been so long since I felt that these feelings 
They were hard to internalize 
I didn't know how to act
Had no idea what to do or how to not act
It scared me so I attempted to push him away
Even tried to run from him
His consistency kept pulling me back 
Because the reality was 
That I already am in love with him
As much as I tried to deny it
My heart belonged to him
So eventually I gave in
And set my pride to the side
Allowing myself to feel his love
Allowing myself to feel vulnerable 
For only his eyes to see
Submitting to allow this love to flow
Like the blood in my veins
Taking it slow
Allowing natural progression to lead the way
Allowing my barriers to crumble

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