Friday, September 6, 2013

Just living in this moment

I just can't get this man out of my head
My heart in his direction is continuously led
No matter what else may seem best
My soul in his hands comfortably rests 
He is in the smell of my hair
Behind the visions of my stare
My scents flavor is enhanced by the pheromones together released
The volumes of each tone has increased
In every thought that crosses my mind
Each second on the hands of time
The whispers in my ear only rings his voice
My majestic desires of choice
The sensuality of my sexual drive
It's only him that controls how my body thrives
Each tear of joy that escapes my eyes
The pleasurable moments that hear my cries
He is forever embedded into my spirit
Responsible for writing the words to my lyrics
He is the motivation behind my appeal
The holder of the secrets that I conceal
The reason that letting go can never be an option
Taking the good and bad mixing our own concoction 
Figuring out what works best for us
Because its obvious that this has reached far beyond lust
Forgetting yesterday and not focused on tomorrow
Not interested in the time in between that was on borrow
Engulfing in the presence of now 
No longer worried about the when and how
Resting assured in contentment 
Just living in this moment

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