Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Attached to my phone
Looking for a text or to hear the sound of his ringtone
Every second resisting the urge to call
Just to hear his voice
Debating on sending this good morning text
Deciding against
I know I have said enough
He knows where I stand
Fighting back tears
Trying to be patient
But it’s pure torture
Every moment without him
I can’t think of anything else
My heart is on the line
I put it all out there
I feel vulnerable
Not sure of what else that can be done
Knowing I need to leave it be
For the moment
Trying to distract my mind
But nothing is working
Sitting on the edge of my seat
For him to come to me
With open arms
Allowing my love back in
I know in reality it isn’t that easy
I understand why we are at this point
But I just can’t shut off these feelings
Can’t push away this love
That has me captive
So, I will continue to wait
Ever so impatiently

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