Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My love is all I have

I don't know what it is that we are doing
Have no idea where we are going 
I just know that I can't let this go, I tried
They were real tears that my soul cried
Love was never meant to be perfect, it's not always flowers and sunsets
Life has a funny way of stepping in and won't allow your past to forget
Second guessing and doubting my gut instinct 
I over analyze and constantly rethink
What is it that he even see's in me that I can't see in myself 
My accounts are overdrawn and I am far from wealth
I have nothing to bring to the table
And at times I can be emotionally unstable
All I have to give is this love within me that is dying to be shared
To give me again without guarantee, I am more than scared 
But my heart didn't even put up a fight 
To my darkness, he is my light 
My vision is clear but it's only him that I see, I only yearn for he
I've given him hell and he still wants me
Still believes that there is a chance for us to succeed 
I have provided many opportunities for him to concede
It's obviously going to take a lot of communication and compromise
Our conflicting personalities and views will cause our previous plans to revise 
But it will allow a growth to develop and it's worth fighting for
The rewards can be so much more
Than previously imagined or even dreamed
Working together so that we are no longer fighting the current upstream 
The love inside of me has yet to be released in full capacity
But I can promise the strength of tenacity
My mind is made up and I am positive in my decision 
And I am willing to show him more than he could envision
I am now ready to give him all of me
To my heart, he has the only key
I don't know what it is that we are doing
Have no idea where we are going
But my heart didn't even put up a fight
To my darkness, he is my light
Will the past ever forgive 
Is my love enough, because its all I have to give 



Big Mark 243 said...

...all I can say is "wow"... (and that I plan on sending this to someone that I think will 'get it'!)

JStar said...

:-) thank you!