Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Good Morning All!  I decided against the red but went for the cut and I already had three different variations of brown so I just add some blonde :)  Ya like??  This poem is a repost but it was fitting for today :)


Fresh hair cut and color; make up looking fierce
Eyes deep enough to pierce

My fresh black pumps with the newly manicured toes out
Looks are deceiving; inside I am overcoming self doubt

Tight, sexy dark blue jeans with the red low cut top
Making all the on-looking men's jaw drop

Cute baby face on the outside
But who wants to really know the complete inside

Short in height and small in frame
Does anyone care whats really in my brain

Focused and professional, but always real
When will someone truly care how I really feel

Smiling face in front of the others
Can we truly trust one another

Not imprssed unless they can really connect mentally
And not for satisfaction that only lasts momentarily

The eyes are the key to ones soul
Look deep inside that person and see their true role

Everyone in life is not for keeps
Every night I singly sleep

Choosing not to settle for less than I deserve
My full heart I have chosen to reserve

Its not in my physical description, but whats in my heart
My inner beauty is my true work of art


Brian Miller said...

woohoo. you hair looks very nice...smiles.

Realliveman said...

"Beauty is not such things as the eye can see. It is what the heart can only see. Beauty is a spirit"

- Mai Tuz

järnebrand said...

I want that haircut... I might steal it... ;) Gorgeous.
Hugs/ Jo.

Jingle said...

you look gorgeous!

Katherine said...

In the words of my second eldest son ... you're looking very sophistimicated!
Love the new do.. you look great!

sssdawna said...

girl I meant to comment yesterday on this! I knew you'd look good with a short cut, woot! = ]

steveroni said...

Wheeeet-Wheeeeuuuuuuuuu! (whistle!)

Yesterday's post titled "I want it." I thought today's should read "I GOT IT!!!"

25champ said...

Good look! There alot people who truly care about what's on the inside, but presentation sometimes can describe how one feels about self whether classy, skankish, conservative or what have you. I love someone who is well groomed, but even they have to possess inner beauty. We say "Love is blind, yet we use our eyes to determined how we feel" Good Read

Miss.Stefanie said...
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Miss.Stefanie said...

You look GORGEOUS!!

Supastarrr said...

love these lines: "
Not imprssed unless they can really connect mentally
And not for satisfaction that only lasts momentarily"

&& that hairstyle looks great on you

JStar said...


The Visionary Butterfly said...

Jstar a true star indeed. Love the new look-fierce as black pumps ;)p.s. thank-you!

Dulce said...

Yes, you wanted it and you got it... there you are BEAUTIFUL!
Now this reminds me I must go to the hairdresser's... the bsest and most expensive one...

Lovely and so suitable poem!

Maha said...

First of all, your new hair cut is awesome and secondly, you are not only a beautiful soul but a very beautiful writer too

Mr. Stupid said...

I loved the poem. Wonderfully written. Your hair's looking nice...:)

Have a good day...

Just telling it like it is said...

Ilove the hair!!!

JStar said...

:) Thanks All! I love you guys and gals sooo much!

Carlus Wilmot said...

The poem was cute while revealing a window to your soul. A place that man and women often aren't concerned with for their interest is our outer shell. What they can get,and how they can manipulate seems to be the norm. So we walk carefully through life, keep our ears perked and eyes wide, our memory banks open to all a persons cues to ourselves safe. Great work..

JStar said...

So true Carlus!

The Write Girl said...

That is such a fitting poem...I am a fan of the new hairdo. You look awesome on the outside and you are deep and beautiful in the inside. Take care : )

JStar said...

Your comments filled my heart Write Girl :)

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

truly , really!
I am so happy for you about finding your long lost brother...