Monday, May 10, 2010

Loneliness-Reunion Update


I am so tired of being alone
Tired of feeling like I am on my own

Tired of waking up to an empty bed
Wondering whats ahead

My standards are high as ever
But I dont want to be by myself forever

I want to feel the feeling of love
And no longer the lack thereof

I want someone to share my thoughts and dreams
Nothing is ever how it seems

Being alone does has its benefits
But it also has its limits

I miss being made love to all night
And all those feelings that excite

I miss hearing the words "I love you"
That kind of love that makes you feel brand new

But I am not willing to accept just anything
Definatelt not looking for a meaningless fling

Been there, done that many times before
But my feelings I can no longer ignore

Lately I have constantly pushed good men away
Terrified of being betrayed

I know I need to let my guards down some
Or I will allow my loneliness to succumb


Dulce said...

I so well understand what you are living... been so since 2007 too!
So much we have in common dear J...

JStar said...

Yes Dulce...I am taking it as a sign that I am meant to be alone...Even if just for now...

Brian Miller said...

dont let that lonliness lead you to poor decisions though...there will be someone one day, i am sure...

JStar said...

Oh so true Brian....I am tired of trying...I am so not ready to put my heart out there anytime soon...Tired of hurting...

järnebrand said...

Hugs to you, Jennifer! :) Love/ Jo.

Jingle said...

Bless you,
I know how you feel.
cheer up,
Happy Monday!

25champ said...

I'm glad ur visit 2 ur brotha worked out hope I have the same luck in the future. And with the ex love isn't enough it is often the easy part. It's the devotion, respect, responsibility, loyalty that keeps relationships for making progress not to mention immaturity. Great Post!

Miss.Stefanie said...

The reunion update melted my heart!!! I am so happy for you!!!

Miss.Fortune said...

congrats on your brother..its an overwhelming feeling. my sister which is 2/3 years younger than me found me on facebook a few months ago..i reached out but it kind of didnt go anywhere..
im glad you two are meeting though.

Jingle said...

hope that you enjoy a beautiful day!
Thanks for the beautiful remarks left in my blogs.
you rock!