Thursday, May 13, 2010

His Light

His Light

When the clouds are too thick to see the light
Keep your goals in sight

Be prepared to trip and fall for your vision is not yet clear
Find that strength to persevere

No matter what road blocks are in the way
In the good and the bad, dont forget to kneel before Him and pray

Be thankful for where life has brought you thus far
Even when the lessons learned leave scars

Stop making wishes over a four leaf clover
For it aint over, until God says its over

He will provide all that you require
And not always everything you desire

Have faith that it will all work out in the end
Just the way He intends

Allow His love in your heart to reside
His light is our constant guide


Organic Meatbag said...

Pimples? Didn't notice! Looking sharp, J ;)

Jingle said...

you look fabulous!
I feel like laughing when you explain every details of your picture, ...

I love your pure mind,
frank and kind heart,
delightful characters!

Jingle said...

Many thanks for the support to me.
It is a pleasure to have a girl pal deserve the best!
Blessings fly your way,
May joy and good luck fill your day!

Brian Miller said...

great poem...lots of truth buried in there...and a great pic!

TechnoBabe said...

I really like your hair. I was noticing the updated pic you leave with your comments, and it looks so good. Nice poem and I like the part about the road blocks.

The Brown Blogger said...

I likes, I likes!

25champ said...

U brought attention to the pimple I didn't even notice lol. Great Post! People have 2 understand that life is full of adversity, but we must perserver. Faith believes that God will plant the seeds of hope for tommorrow in the garden of our hearts today

Miss.Stefanie said...

Beautiful poem and wow, you look GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

you get more beautiful each and everytime i see you.....

Miss.Fortune said...

aw man i agree with this so much!
and i loooove your hair =)

steveroni said...

I just cannot seem to be able to write the words...but I CAN write that I agree totally with (above commenter) Miss.Stephanie. I believe the word she chose was "GORGEOUS!"

And the poem--yesss! Good. Thank you!

Don said...

We share exact sentiments concerning true love. I believe if the love is true it will forever manifest itself. All it takes is faith and the works provided through such faith.

Cute hair and pic.

Realliveman said...

Holly molly you are beautiful!

The Visionary Butterfly said...

I really like your hair this way-very stylish. And the poem is very uplifting, I will print it and frame it on my wall.

Jingle said...

Happy Sunday!

Jingle said...

Happy Monday!
Nice to see you shine!