Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain Drops

Rain Drops

Rain drops kissing my forehead
While tear drops from my eyes are shed
In need of a mental cleansing
Self doubt lingering
Doors are opening but I still doubt
Is this my chosen route
What if I dont succeed
Is the devil attempting to mislead
Praying for guidance
Relief in my finances
Mental stresses released
Goals increased
Fears consoled
Rain drops cleansing my soul


Brian Miller said...

the job sounds like a great opportunity...just make sure you get clearance before you make the jump..if that is your major concern.

love the poem...its got great flow and a heavy dose of honesty feelings...

järnebrand said...

Aw, sweetie, I hope everything works out for you! That sounds like a wonderful opportunity... Your poem expressed a lot of emotion and honesty. I am wishing you all the best. You deserve it. Hugs/ Jo.

Jingle said...

love your poem,
you did very beautifully.
nice new hairdo.
hope that you enjoy a handsome Tuesday!

Dulce said...

Beautiful and uplifting poem.
I feel happy for you!

Short Poems said...

Lovely poem, full of emotion and honesty, wrapped up so nicely :)

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Firstly, You look really beautiful in your hair do. Secondly, I will say a prayer for you in this regards and lastly, your Poems was lovely with a beautiful rhyming pattern. Best of it all was the feel of honesty it contains. Cheer up!!!

Pat said...

Hang in there Jennifer,I agree with Brian,make sure you have clearance first and most importantly let the Holy Spirit lead you!!! The hairdo is cute!
Love ya :D

Mr. Stupid said...

I am glad the new job is better paying and a field you enjoy working in. Loved the poem...:)

Maha said...

Such an amazing poem, your style is so beautiful! I think the curls make you look younger and more liberated.

Lyn said...

Please be certain of clearance before you burn your bridges. We can't be sure that what we want is everything we need..hope your life changes for the better.. fingers crossed.
Poetry saves us!!!

25champ said...

You've already got the job, If u claim it. This is the time 4 u 2 exercise ur faith. If anyone can do it u can. I love the poem and reminds me of when I was full of doubt, but now I just let God. I know it sounds easy, but u can do it. Good Read!

Traci Lavette said...

"Step out on faith"...in one of Tyler Perry's speeches, he said "I lost a job and I got a company...I lost an apartment and I got a mansion". Don't block your blessings because you never know what's waiting for you. That job presented itself for a reason and if you don't go to it, you will always wonder.

Good luck with everything!

Miss.Fortune said...

trust me when i say FAITH is all you need. i was in a crazy situation that was almost impossible to get out of. i prayed all day even after the deadline and i had faith that God would see me through it. the next day i came to realize not only was my prayer answered but i was blessed far more than i could imagine. if its meant for you, he will see you through this. i will pray for you.

Jingle said...


two awards on the bottom of the post.
Happy Thursday!

Don said...

Doors are definitely opening it appears. But I don't know if I would quit my job before being hired for the next one. I couldn't take the chance. Good luck and I am sure it feels GREAT to have your goals increased and the opportunity for relief in your finances.

Cute pic.

Carlus Wilmot said...

I love you work, you show alot of sincerity and honesty. You don't fake the funk one bit. Beautiful job from by a lovely lady. I am sure you'll exceed your own expectations in life and in your dedication to writting muse. xo xo