Monday, September 20, 2010


Pablo Picasso-Sleeping Woman


Actions speak louder than words
My vision is no longer blurred
By your empty promises
Loneliness I can no longer harness
With affections I desire
The level I want is so much higher
More than you are able to give it seems
To you it feels like I am going to extremes
But I dont think what I am asking is too much
Wanting more than just your touch
Needing more of you
Than this distant view
Not sure how much longer I can wait
My patience is about to deflate
If you truly love me like you say you do
Your actions need to make their debut

I am blown that half of the blogs I follow are now blocked by my security wall.  I would love to read about Senorita's explorations in Paris, and I miss my Man Five Fridays.  Not to mention I cant get onto Ms Downlow's blog anymore and she was the first blog I ever followed.  So if you are no longer getting comments from me, I probaly cant even get onto your blog anymore :(


Opaque said...

Relationship needs working... no one can expect it to fit just fine... people often mistake themselves by looking for perfect love when they can create perfect love themselves... undoubtedly, it requires working and healthy communication...

Anonymous said...

i feel like you and i can relate. I'm going through a similar situation. it's funny how men can ever commit yet want to strand us along. i hope it all works for the better for you. great poem!

Brian Miller said...

i am glad you were honest with the way you were feeling...he needs to hear that and give him a chance to one wants to feel like the way you described...hope for the best jstar~!

Miss.Stefanie said...

You have needs and wants, thats human. However, he needs to make an effort. If he cant then maybe he isnt ready for a relationship. Does this make sense?

Tabitha Bird said...

I sure hope you guys work this one out so you are both happy :)

Dulce said...

Oh sorry- but not self pity- there is so much to live on one's own...

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