Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Monet's Garden


You deserve more than I have given
Time and time you have forgiven
My doubt and fears
When my insecurities interfered
I constantly ran from the inevitable
My past mistakes were no longer deniable
But you always loved me for me regardless
Even when my love I attempted to suppress
But I can no longer deny
Never again say goodbye
My loyalty I can guarantee
I love you with everything thats in me
My heart is no longer broken
Words can no longer be spoken
My actions will show clear
My heart is truly sincere


Opaque said...

You are beginning to see things in the right way... good for you!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you know hte direction to be you have to tell the other...

Anonymous said...

i love this poem. great words!

25champ said...

This poem was amazing. Tell this man how you feel and claim the life that you deserve. Good Read n thanks 4 sharing :)

Dulce said...

Sweet Jstar... the time will come when you realize... They come and go... and those who stay in the heart ... must be analized and say why...
Be happy, and LIVE your life!
And take care :)


Miss.Stefanie said...

Clear eyes and heart--I like!

Jingle said...


Freckles said...

love it!!! honest and direct. You are so gifted.