Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Lying in my bed listening to the rain drops
Wishing they would never stop

Not wanting to leave these covers
Hiding and not wanting to be discovered

Enjoying being alone
Everything else can be postponed

Taking personal quality time
Not worrying about dealines

Completely focused on me
And what it is that I need

Actually loving me in totality
Door knocks bring me back to reality

Ignoring everyone else
Only going by my own impulse

Being alone is actually not that bad
No one to get on my nerves and make me mad

Relaxing with everyone out of reach
Listening to my own inner speech

Not depending on anyone's guarantee
Discovering that I do really love me


Opaque said...

Time to oneself is quintessential!

Brian Miller said...

nice pic of you and mum...and nice verse...taking care of yourself is mondo important esp if you have kids...keeps you healthy...

The Write Girl said...

Hi JStar, I love your poem and the emphasis on self love. Alone time can be very theraputic and healing. The photo of you and your mom is very cute :)

Miss.Stefanie said...

This is SOOOO cute!! YOu guys look cute!!

Paul Wynn said...

Lovely poem. Jen tell me that's not a cell phone you're holding in that picture.

Jingle said...

warm shots,
Glad to see you and your mom...

Jingle said...

awards for you
please pick 3 or 4 from my post and share each with 1 to 5 friends...

check out poetry site on the bottom,
thanks for displaying the bell on your sidebar, u r a precious friend,