Friday, September 3, 2010

In Love-Friday's 55

Starry Night-Vincent van Gogh

Dedicated to Dulce :) who shares this passion of love that reaches depths others dream of. 

In Love

In love with love
The idea of love
The illustrations of love
The feeling of love
The fullness of love
The comfort of love
The courage of love
The sexiness of love
The sensuality of love
The electricity of love
The enrichment of love
The illusion of love
The "In Love" of love

The crazy thing is I wrote this poem a few months back and have already posted it here...But today friday I got to post it, which I had planned on posting yesterday...but I just so happen to look at the word count...and its exactly 55 words (including the title) and I am JUST realizing it....So I guess it was meant to be today :)  And I truly struggle to fit all I need to say in 55 words when I do them on purpose...This one was a pleasant suprise :)  Shouts out to the infamous G-Man!!!!!

Note: Senorita-I cant get onto your blog anymore at work :( They classified it as "porn" WTF....That just blew me


Brian Miller said...

smiles. lovely poem jstar...nice 55...and dulce is pretty incredible..

annell said...

JStar How insightful. I have notice men, without sex, only talk about sex. Who can say...but I would say, love is looking for you.

Jingle said...

beautiful 55.
love is magical when u r in a right one.

G-Man said...

I'm sure Dulce Loves this poem AND You!
You are both hopeless Romantics, and compose from the Heart!
You just Flat Out ROCK Jennifer Wilmer!!!
Thanks for sharing your always beautiful Mind...
Have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

PattiKen said...

LOVE-ly 55!

steveroni said...


I just L O V E
All the A B O V E !!!

Don't know about "HOPELESS" Romantics...I am preferring "HOPEFUL Romantics"

Or maybe just as many peeps are: Romantics, plain and simple.

A Fine tribute, to a fine "sister-poet" of yours.

STARRY NIGHT has for many years been one of my own top favorites.

Eric Alder said...

Yes, I think there are lots of people who are 'in love' with the idea itself, rather than actually being in love.

(The first thing that comes to my mind is all that 'Twilight' hoopla)

P.S. regarding Senorita - maybe they's let you see her blog at work if you added 'away' to your comment? (LOL!)

Jen said...

Just remember to love yourself first.

Dulce said...

Dear J,
What is that? Me...a romantic?

I feel so honored you dedicate this simple, yet LOVEly poem to me!!

Hey- YEs I am so in love with love itself... sometimes it does not matter if there is a 'One' to love as long as we keep believing we'll find it...For it's there always to be found, sometimes too subtly, though!

And I agree with Jen, the more I get lo love myself the easier love grows from everywhere; every corner you look at, there it is...

Love is the poetry word par excellence. Never ending.

Thank you Jstar

I ♥ you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You know this is one of my most favorite paints also. The mystical feeling this brings puts me right into his fantasy. I feel like you can believe in anything this night…

Even true love….

Miss.Stefanie said...

This was beautiful!!!

TALON said...

The "in love" of love is one of the best feelings of love. I really enjoyed your poem!

Alice Audrey said...

Sometimes when my dh asks why I love him, I say because he lets me. It's safe to be in love with love when it's with him. He can handle it. No one else could.

Opaque said...

Nice one

joanny said...

Love this poem -- and love is the only thing that really matters. Worth it with all its ups and downs,
Yes Dulce is a wonderful romantic poet.

Lovely and tender 55er,


The Write Girl said...

I enjoyed your beautiful and heartfelt take on love...certainly your words are a work of beauty.

Miss.Fortune said...

i couldnt agree with this post more! i feel the same way..sometimes i think i fall too easily because i am searching for the love my father never once provided. =( we all go through struggles but overcoming is the biggest blessing.

im back blogging..for good this time. =)

Just telling it like it is said...

WTF porn..beautiful as always! From one artist to anothe

Emmanuel Ibok said...

You just made love feel loved with this beautiful piece. Nice one!