Wednesday, September 15, 2010

True Importance

True Importance

We are allowing life to take over
Defining whats urgent
Instead of prioritizing
For whats really important
Lifes petty obligations
Really dont matter
Why stress over the unimportant
Take time to enjoy life
Live out your purpose in life
Take the gifts that God has given
And use them for thier true purpose
Bless others just as He has blessed you
Even when we dont understand
Obey and have faith in His plan
Even if we dont like it
We are exactly where we are supposed to be
Enjoy this moment in time
Savor the beauty and blessings in front of us
Learn the lessons provided
Allow your home to be your sanctuary
Block out the troubles of the world
Make time for what truly important
Take time to reflect
Listen and hear His instructions
Dont allow life to cloud your hearing
Envision the path that has been provided


Opaque said...

Give yourself time and space... and stay true to yourself... all will be well...

Brian Miller said...

give it time the muse will find you...and keep hanging on...

Tabitha Bird said...

be gentle with you. Writing returns when she is good and ready :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of going through something right now and when i read your words i feel better. thank you J. and don't worry, you will always write beautifully :D

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! That 3:30 stuff is brutal! What the hell does the world look like at that hour?

25champ said...

I know the the feeling "writing Hiatus" but this is a great repost.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I feel you on this one!