Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inner Flame


Inner Flame

Again you made love to me and made my heart skip a beat
With your love felt inside no other man could ever compete

All the love you continue to demonstrate I happily reap
Now as I lay next to you watching you peacefully sleep

Thinking of all the ways I want to please you
Giving to you well deserved happiness that is long over due

What we share is unexplainable with words spoken
You fill the holes in my heart that was once broken

There is no one true definition of our love
The depths you have taken me were undreamed of

I urge to break down my barriers and my whole heart allow you to claim
With only you to share the intensity of this undying inner flame


Opaque said...

I hope all goes well...

Dulce said...

This is surely the most sensual and loving of all your poems... Oh but how can I say that?
You always write so beautifully and so from your very heart!!!

Thanks for your always supporting words , dear J Star!

Brian Miller said...

beautiful write jstar...very sensual indeed...hope the dinner goes well and it will be fun letting them get to know each important step...

Miss.Stefanie said...

I am sure the dinner with go smoothly!