Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Dali Salvador


I want someone unconditionally...

Someone that tells and shows me how special I am to them
Someone that will make sure I am ok before he is worried about him
Someone who unconditionally loves me for me
Someone who encourages me to be everything I can be
Someone who for no reason brings me flowers
Someone who believes in unconditional love and its true powers
Someone who listens and truly cares how I feel
Someone who is man enough to tell me no
Someone who is secure enough to allow his love to clearly show
Someone who will treat me like a woman should
Someone who will jump hoops to do all he could
Someone taht makes you want to rush home to
Someone nightly to make love to
Someone to hold me at night
Someone who no longer wants to argue and fight
Someone who would never put his hands on me
Someone who wouldnt dream of cheating and only desires me
Someone that cant imagine thier life without me
Someone who is prepared to stand on bended knee

Does this man exist?
Is this too much to ask?
I am prepared to give the same in return and then some...



Tabitha Bird said...

Oh I am so glad some money came through for you! And I am glad you are saying what you want and waiting to see what will happen.

Brian Miller said...

yay! glad that your prayers were answered...give it time...see who rises when you dont ask for it...i feel what you are saying in yout prose...it will happen...

Opaque said...

Prayers will be answered if prayed for with sincerity and worked for it...

Anonymous said...

wow. that's very nice. you are very inspirational! i would like your advice :) it's about my new post called SoFlo.

Jingle said...

good for you.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Thanks for visiting. I think about you often. I am glad God came through-he is always on time.

Miss.Stefanie said...

God is good! I pray for you EVERY day J!

The Write Girl said...

This is beautiful JStar...I love your poem. Wait and pray, I'm sure someone amazing will manifest himself in your life. Regarding your last statement, I noticed something odd with a new follower on my site too. You could opt to make it private and people will have to email to access your blog. Take care dear!

The Write Girl said...

PS, I checked this out on my blog. Go to your dashboard, look for followers, click on the photo, and select block this user. I was able to do this. Hope it helps.

Don said...

Perfect prose. Absolutely perfect. So straight-forward and to the point. The best reads. I thought you had become involved with someone? What happened? I am seriously out of the loop, it appears.

Catch me up. Please: minusthebarsblog@yahoo.com

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

that man exist. he exist within me. that's how i am. and those are some of the qualities i'm looking for in a woman. i think it's just harder to find things when you know what you want. almost like when you're in a store and you have no preference. you can just throw anything in the basket. but when you know exactly what you want, it's harder to find it.

but you'll find it. he's def out there.