Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Why do we worry and stress
Instead of awaiting God to Bless

We make choices that have consequences
Blaming Him for our mistakes is our greatest offense

Why do we fight against His will
Instead of trusting His Word to instill

Faith that everything will work out just as its supposed to
And not always when and how we want it to

We need to learn how to let go
And realize that He is the One that is in control

All He asks for is our love and obedience
Pray at the altar with faith and confidence

Live out our purpose here in this life
And He guarantees us eternal life

With inner peace and unconditional love
Just build a personal relationship with God above


Susan Roux said...

So honest of you to share all of this with us. God's hands. Its always a winning spot. You're on the right track. Be well.

Brian Miller said...

nice to see faith in your writing again...it will all work out in the end..

Jingle said...

best wishes for you...
Happy Tuesday!

25champ said...

Putting it in Gods hands is a start. Things will wrk out! Have a blessed day!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Amen! Let it be so =)

Dulce said...

Faith has that higher power which makes all so much more...sensible

Opaque said...

Just be honest...

The Write Girl said...

Faith is such a beautiful thing...this poem is so inspirational. God bless you JStar.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Your words are true and outstanding. Nicely written, J.


Anonymous said...

you have a way with words miss J. truly inspiring!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Very Inspiring!