Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All or Nothing

All or Nothing

You don't really want to hear
The words that caused my tears
Or know the reason my heart aches
My emotions you don't want to partake
My fears and doubts you don't care to ease
Once that door is closed, barricading is my expertise
I can't lock away only half of my heart
This will cause no more feelings to depart
Now I will keep all within
Things will never again be like they've been
If I can no longer release
Denying a part of me just to appease
Accept me for me
This is my final plea
Or it's leading to our downfall
It's all or nothing at all


Big Mark 243 said...

Be careful of what you ask for... because you are asking for more than what is written here, whether you know it or not.

Brian Miller said...

i agree with mark...but i do hear your heart....

Don said...

If Eugene knows like I know he might want to listen to you cause "Once that door is closed, barricading is my expertise" speaks loud and clear.

Have you spoken these exact words to him?

Emmanuel Ibok said...

sweet poem with nice ryhmes. I think in these case a dialogue will do. You dont have to shot him out or lock your feelings. you will be loved the way you want, but first, hold a genuine dialogue to trash all uncommon grounds.

Opaque said...

Expectations... keep a tab on them...

The Write Girl said...

I am sorry you are feeling this way and hope that things work in your favor. Beautiful and emotional poem as well.

Anonymous said...

love this poem!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

wow..i love this one too. that's how i am. all or nothing. well it's how i want to be accepted. and don't really respond well when someone half steps on the work and support it takes to be in a relationship.