Wednesday, October 27, 2010


FYI-The above pic is NOT me...Its just a random image that I got from a google search


Rain drops saturating
Immersing my pores
Tears escaping my eyes
Renewing my soul
Releasing emotions
Soaked leaves and debris
Squashed under my feet
Embracing the cleansing



Brian Miller said...

nice. pouring down here...

i like that you are embracing the alone will happen when it should.

i love the is rather cleansing...

25champ said...

Gud Read :)

Anonymous said...

I personally think that being alone is the best! great poem. you have a way with words!

Miss.Fortune said...

the best thing to do is cleanse ourselves but we don't often times think we need it. we all need a fresh start whether its from routines, people, thoughts, feelings etc. so i think we should all practice cleansing and me time.. it will benefit us in the end. your post tend to come at the right times

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful...I love your concept of cleansing and the rain. It can be so theraputic. You should definitely get a tape recorder or even a tiny notepad to get your poetry down. Keep the flow going!!

Anonymous said...

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