Monday, October 4, 2010



It all started when my marriage crumbled into ashes
My life went crashing

I had no idea what was about to transpire
Distress got me fired

Life turning upside down
So called friends are nowhere to be found

Had to make the hardest decison
Sending my children to daddy was more than I could envision

Endured unimaginable affliction
Starting all from the first eviction

Living place to place was not where they needed to be
Sleeping and eating daily was not a guarantee

No one showed me compassion
Generosity only came in rations

Times got desperate
Keeping mind and body seperate

As I did things I never thought I could do
Putting myself in situations I wish no one had to Ever go through

I learned no one truly cares
Except the Man above, who I send my tearful prayers

Had to learn how to humble myself and set my pride aside
Having faith that He will always provide

All along He heard my silent plea
After I learned my lessons He started blessing me

Sending me in the direction I needed to succeed
Gaining the strength to proceed

He carried me through the horrors of the streets
My fears I have no choice but to defeat


Anonymous said...

you're a strong woman. great post!

Brian Miller said...

good on you for taking him in...i hope that it works out for him...your story is heartbreaking everytime you post something about that time of your life...i am glad you came through it...many would not...

Big Mark 243 said...

I hope that your intervention at this time will make a big difference in his life. Thanks for doing your part to aid the human community.

Miss.Stefanie said...

God will lead him down a path just to learn a lesson. You have the biggest heart...

Miss.Stefanie said...

P/S: The email came back me from your work one at

Don said...

Best of wishes to you and the kid, and hoping that your compassion inspires him and gives him just the push and drive that he needs.

A good and decent human being, I say. There are times where I too believe that no one truly cares. And I came to that revelation long before I heard Sonny speak those same words in the movie A Bronx Tale.

Don said...

Oops. I meant to add that your prose is exceptional.

Senorita said...

Beautiful poem.

I personally wouldn't take in a stranger. It takes exceptional people like you to take a chance on someone. I am too cynical.

I really hope that the kid turns his life around.
I hope he doesn't pose a risk to your daughters.

Jingle said...

blessings for you.
what a kind act.
cool read in the morning!

Jingle said...

got lots in hand, sorry for being late.

25champ said...

I is truly gud and u hav come really far. Just remember that "he is not finished wit u yet" Great Post

Emmanuel Ibok said...

The hope in despair is the surety that joy cometh in the morning..hanging on is usually the best solution.


tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

wow..very touching. God will lead you to you path every time. all you have to do is have faith & walk it.