Wednesday, October 13, 2010



It's a known that women love stronger than men
We stay in search of true love
Wanting that one man to love us to no end
Giving us everything our heart is in search of
We dont take in account real life
No man or woman is perfect
We are too caught up in being his wife
That our feelings misdirect
We have to learn to love the man for who he truly is
And not what we want him to be
Why do we have to investigate in belongings of his
Why do we look for a guarantee
We need to be spending time making sure personalities fit
Seeing if everything about him we can love
The signs are there from the begining but our blinders omit
Does the good in him stand above
Enjoy time spent and stop looking for secrets to reveal
Stop searching for a love thats perfect and surreal

Good Morning All!  I truly try not to visit blogs before I write whatever I am going to write because they influence my topics.  But this morning I read Traci Lavette's blog (<----Click to check out her post) and read about women wanting men to commit.  Check it out.  But this is where this poem was born.  I am guilty of all of the things above and maybe needed this reminder myself...I hope you enjoy...


Miss.Stefanie said...

Awesome poem!!

Brian Miller said...

nice write...i would challenge the assumption that women love stronger than men...or want commitment more...sure there are many you could point to on either side to argue the opposite...but...

JStar said...

Thanks Steph :)

Yea Brian, there are some exceptions...but on an overall...I would say about maybe 5 or 10 percent of men can love like women and want a commitment just as women. But I havent ran into them lol... and the ones that did ended up being stalkers ha ha. And the a lot of older guys want to settle because they dont want to grow old alone lol...but there are exceptions in all cases

Shay said...

The poem definitely sums women up entirely when it comes to a relationship!

Anonymous said...

great poem J :)

Traci Lavette said...

I loved the poem, J! Very nice. I have a friend who is going thru this right NOW, as we speak and she was the inspiration for me writin about it in the first place. She is trying to be everything this man wants, but everyone but her sees that he is NOT the one. She is so caught up in "he can change" and getting a ring, that she has lost all sense of self and sees absolutely NOTHING past him. It's pretty sad to watch. She is pulling dual shift with him though because while trying to get him to love her, she spends the other part of the time, on his FB and like you said "investigating". Finding out that which doesn't really want to know and staying anyway because in her mind, if she stays, she is the 'winner'. My question..."what exactly is the prize?"

Thanks for the shout out!

25champ said...

I'm not sure that women love stronger...I just think that the motive 2 b n love is stronger. Men aren't willing to sacrifice his heart over and over again...n I'm not saying that's a gud thing, but I think women will try n make something out of nothing while men r more reserve n our judgement. Great poem nonetheless

Katherine said...

I think my husband is certainly an exception to that loving strong rule. I may not have much in the way of monetary riches but I sure am rich in love. This was a nice read JStar & I'm sure is probably the case in some relationships. I hope that you find someone that can love the way you do!!

1manview said...

Great poem Jstar... We all love from the heart, but men tend to hide their love, (A strong man doesn't show vulnerability) as woman show theirs up front... Men want to be loved, but we don't have the urgency as much as woman. We don't have that biological clock to beat inside us...

Don said...

Traci's writing blogs again?