Friday, October 29, 2010



I just don't know what it is about that man
He just does something to me
That no other can
Willingly locked in his love like a detainee
That place in my heart his name is etched
Unchartered territory of any other
Only his image my eyes have sketched
He gives me chills and makes my heart flutter
Hanging on and never letting go
Love overflowing like a tidal wave
Day by day the intensity grows
It's only him that my heart and body craves


Brian Miller said...

but i can see the eyes...which led to the heart and soul...smiles. have a wonderful weekend!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I once, manyyears ago, met a guy I was totally not ready for at the time. Now!!! Boy I wish I had a second chance with him now.

Anonymous said...

Amen to this post. i feel the same way. you and i are always connecting when it comes to our mans :)

Big Mark 243 said...

On a journey in which lost loves has been a focus, I wonder if anyone considers the differences between then and now, the hoped for and the reality?

Dang, that is sort of a downer, but I wonder sometimes about the want for those who for whatever reason are not in our physical lives but only with us in spiritual essence?

Jen said...

Maybe you'll get a second chance and things will be different this time. It's been known to happen.

G-Man said...

You need to come back to the Friday Funfest Jennifer......G

joanny said...

Oh yes that feeling -- craving desire, of what one is missing when you lose it somehow, I wonder if he is ready for you now? once again, or do you have to win back his trust and love so he knows you will stick around.....a dilemma, --- love is like that --- I envy those who get it right,

nice 55er, wishes you happiness ,


steveroni said...

Hi, JStar. These are opening lyrics from a 1947 song GOLDEN EARRINGS:

"There's a story the gypsies know is true
That when your love wears golden earrings,
She (he) belongs to you.

An old love story that's known to very few,
But if you wear those golden earrings,
Love will come to you.

So my final words to you are: Get some 'his-and-hers' gold earrings!

Steve E

Don said...



"Unfinished business."

Good sleep......Lol.

JStar said...


I know that feeling Tee, I didn’t think I would get this chance…

YES we are Elizabeth :)

Well it wasn’t that long ago Mark, and contact has never been lost…So we will see…

I have Jen :)

I know GMan, I am trying…

Yes, he is ready Joanny…I don’t have to win him back…He just wants to be sure that I am sure this time around before he puts his feelings back into

:) Thanks Steve! I am going to check that out! You are going to be missed!!!

YES Don…