Friday, October 15, 2010



I want what I want and now
Even when I am not sure how
Patience is something I am not good at
Impulsiveness is something I combat
I go with the flow of the moment
Loneliness has been an adjustment
In trying to find the perfect match
There are feelings that attach
Been back and forth a few times
To see which light shines
The brightest in realities eyes
Over and over I revise
In the end I just want something real
I want true love to reveal
But I don't trust my decision's
Not sure if this is what I envisioned
Trying to calm the apprehensive
And no longer be so indecisive



Brian Miller said...

i hear you...and yeah no one is going to be perfect...we would be waiting forever on that one...but you will have to make a decisiaon at some point as it is not fair to the other parties involved...

Big Mark 243 said...

Sticking with the decision and the commitment is something that many of us have a problem with. After awhile, we do get run down and end up making a decision out of expediency and not out of what we really want.

Decide and don't look back, not for an instant!

järnebrand said...

Go for it. Just embrace love and feel it embrace you. Stop looking for cracks that aren't there. Trust yourself, trust your judgement. :) Hugs/ Jo.

25champ said...

I'm rooting 4 u. You r stronger than u think and God will bless u wit the rt man. U r an amazing writer n I'm glad 2 influenced one of ur great poems.Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Brian Miller!

Miss.Stefanie said...

I think we are all perfectly imperfect...YOu just gotta find your kind of perfect.

Traci Lavette said...

Deep! I find that when I think too much on something, I end up making the wrong decision. So just follow your instinct about things, is all I can say. Sometimes it becomes the battle of the heart and mind and seeing who wins is always interesting...

Freckles said...

We have to learn to trust oursleves and our judgements. I always say just go with my first mind but then I waver back and forth. I get lost in my frustration and then it becomes far too analytical. I am working on it. My heart andmind often conflict.