Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breathe You

Breathe You

I just want to breathe your air,
Where ever you are I want to be there

Feeling your touch beneath my skin,
Taking us to heights we have never been

Exploring perfection of our very own,
Reaching in and out of our comfort zone

Tantalizing newly discovered pleasures,
With no limitations of measure

Absorbing your essence within my being,
Giving loves definition true meaning

Together our love we pursue,
Within I breathe you



Big Mark 243 said...

I liked the poem. When I find myself 'posessed' by a topic or receive a feeling to write, I find some way to get those words out somewhere.

When they are like this, feelings and words that lean on the emptiness (face it, there is an emptiness there or you would not be dealing with 'this one and that one' but 'the one I have'), the words tend to speak about someone who isn't in my sights.

You may think that the words were generated by the mix of emotions concerning certain people... that may be so. It may be just as so that they are for the person who you DON'T see and are not paying attention to.

Jus' talkin'...

Dulce said...

Yes enjoy tehe moment dear, that is what we actually have..

Susan Roux said...

Whoever decides to give their love to you will be very fortunate. You're so full of that wonderful emotion it just oozes out of you. Unfortunately some will stomp on your heart, but someday there will be a special one who will see the beauty in your love and cherish it beyond your wildest imagination.

elizabeth said...

there's a song like this. i like it as much as your poem!

Val said...

"That person you can tolerate in the good and the bad..."

That is soooo true. It seems that more so than a passionate love that we dream about it's really more about liking the other person and being compatible.

25champ said...

Love the poem and love the strong things are def on the up n up 4 up. God Bless :)

Brian Miller said...

nice verse...and love the thoughts you have as will come...they will come...

Miss.Stefanie said...

Great poem--Be in the moment mamas. I mean with everything I am going thru I too need to stay at a be in the moment and enjoy life. I am tired of crying and I realzied the moment is all we have. Be in the moment.

Traci Lavette said...

I'm with Susan, because you do love completely and that is something that most people don't do - nor experience.

You have options it seems! What a dilemma. I would just take it slow and let them prove themselves. If you are really what they want, it shouldn't be a problem to do so. I think then the answer will present itself more clearly. I think the approach you are taking is the healthiest one at this time because you're looking at everything with eyes wide open right now and that will lead you to the better choice.


Moanerplicity said...

I'm feeling the poem, the rhythm & the lyrical content of it is so melodic, it feels like a song!

Breeeeathe... in slow easy waves, & don't allow yourself to become
overwhelmed by anyone's energy. Meditate & pray on it... & then Clarity will come.

On another note: after viewing a few of your pics here, something CLICKED. I think we actually KNOW each other. From myspace. Remember "Lin" aka "LINguisitic" the cat w/ the blue page & all the artwork? Yep it's been a minute, but I'm glad to have rediscovered you, ma.

Small world, isn't it?


One Love.


jacquezyon said...

Very nice poem, I'm enjoying reading through your site.