Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Deep Ocean of Thought

My Deep Ocean of Thought

Always in deep thought
Mental stimulation
Everything coming to a halt
Intoxicating penetration
Into the unknown
Thoughts erratic
Feelings shown
Almost like an addict
Actions amplified
For reasons untold
Body numb and mummified
Under mind’s control
Spirit boasting
Strengthening my mind
Heart afloat
Thoughts and desires intertwine
Mind always in a race
Hidden and secure
My secret place
Answers within I ensure
My escape
Into my own little world
Invading this is called mental rape
This is my space twirled
Around the real me
My thoughts run deep as an ocean
My own personal retreat, mental relief
Desires put into motion
All in my head
Lying there untouched
Pure, never tainted or misread
Securely clutched
Always true to self
First and foremost
For my personal health
My personal toast
No one could ever truly understand
The vibes that flow within
Emotions dealt with, and stronger I stand
My thoughts will never end
And are always constant
Until you have walked in my shoes
You could never relate
But listen closely to all my clues
While I attempt to intoxicate
A distraction to deter
And make sure my thoughts and feelings
Are always secure, and un-telling of what may occur
My private dealings
Are my own
Never for others to be let completely in
They are meant to be left to the unknown
Only to reside deep within



Brian Miller said...

i like the idea of this one as well..and has some fun flow to it..would like to hear it read...

JStar said...

Thanks Brian...Yea, thats something I need to practice...Reading again...The few times I have done so as open mic nights...I get nervous and you can hear it...I try to rush through it...I couldnt even read to my ex husband...I guess its hard because my poetry is my heart on paper...Its soo much easier to type it behind a computer...When I get me a computer at home...I am thinking of doing voice records of my poetry for the blog...But not sure when I am going to be able to do so...I would love to make a CD with my books when i decide to publish

SY said...

this is great piece.. it's an awesome depiction of the deepness of thought

My thoughts are a lonely place.

khaki la'docker said...

:) this gave me chills and I cant even begin to explain why...

JStar said...

Thanks for stopping by SY...I couldnt get onto your blog because its blocked at my job...

Thats an honor Khaki...

1manview said...

Very nice write.. You could feel the depths your thoughts were...

Traci Lavette said...

Love this Jen. It is deep and shows a deep connection with, and protection of, our thoughts. That thing that belongs to us an only us and that we have the power to allow people into - or NOT. Nice.

Val said...

I think with so much technology available these days people are spending less and less time with their thoughts. And without exploring our own thoughts we begin to lose that connection to self.

I def feel your words.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Beautiful poem and true...invading your space is a mental rape...I like the technicality...nicely done.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Great poem!

Dulce said...


The Write Girl said...

I totally understand with those long commutes. I really enjoyed your early writings. The mind is certainly as deep as the ocean. Beautiful photo as well.

Miss.Stefanie said...

You need to publish a book of poems!

Anonymous said...

you always have something fresh and new. love this post Jen.