Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ocean Cherub-Michael Cromwell


Almost like a chameleon,
Changing with each atmosphere

A collage of faces,
Adapt and adhere

To particular circumstances,
Desiring different results

Seeking your goal,
Pretending not to insult

Falsely displaying,
Who you are not

Attempting to catch,
People in their blind spot

Instead of pretending,
Just be you

Your lies,
Are being seen through

You are not only deceiving others,
But yourself as well

Losing yourself,
Falling under your own spell



Brian Miller said...

nice...well written and sadly too many fall into this category of false faces hiding hearts not so pure...

Anonymous said...

well written. i like this one and i love the photo you chose. goes well with the poem!

Val said...

Wow. This is truely incredible prose, JSTAR.

So many people go through thier entire lives like this.

Moanerplicity said...

Very well stated, JStar! Chameleons are pretty cool, as animals go. But people should remain people... real, consistent, if not entirely predictable.

Great poem!


Miss.Fortune said...

yes...i know a few ppl that this relates to.

Jason said...

Hey! has anybody told you that you are damn good poet? *smile*

Miss.Stefanie said...


Traci Lavette said...

Fave line: "Almost like a chameleon,
Changing with each atmosphere" Been here...done this. It becomes all too easy, and sometimes necessary, in some situations.

The Write Girl said...

What an intriguing poem...I certainly enjoyed this. Nicely written.

Reggie said...

Very nice, very nice indeed!!!