Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Falling

Free Falling

Sick and tired of stressing
Constantly assessing
Damage already done
And all that’s left undone
Wondering how I am going to make it
Not understanding how the pieces will to fit

Letting go

Even though the debts are still owed
Having faith that He WILL provide
Closing my eyes and opening my arms out wide
Feeling assurance in His calling
Letting completely go and free falling



Brian Miller said...

best wishes for the job interview....and was just listening to free falling by john mayer just a bit ago...

Susan Roux said...

Great image! Good luck with your interview. Hope all goes well. Have a good Thanksgiving...

Anonymous said...

i concur.

Tabitha Bird said...

He will provide. all the best for your interview.

Don said...

Good luck on everything, Jenn, although it appears the interview has already taken place.

Ouch @ spilling hot coffee. While driving, at that.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Sweet write, J!


Freckles said...

J, Always believing in his Blessed Assurance is glorious. We have to better trust our faith and give into hope. He always has a plan. Dwell in the spirit of expectation and the positive. Great things are in line for you my friend. How was everything?

Big Mark 243 said...

Wanted to let you know that I am going to 'catch up'... hopefully I will get to where you are at... and find out if the job interview went well!