Monday, November 8, 2010



Close your eyes and feel with your senses
Shut off all of your defenses
Don’t think with your mind
Witness this as we intertwine
Focus on the energy that is being produced
Absorb it as it is introduced
Into your soul
Conceive me within you as I console
Experience the vibes that we create
These feelings we elate
Put your arms around me and squeeze tight
I invite you to be a part of this plight
Immerse yourself into my atmosphere
Relax as our souls adhere
And become as one
Enjoy what has begun
This can never be undone
We are connected in every way
Notice my persona is displayed
Nothing to hide
These feelings we cannot deny
I embrace the kiss on my lips
This is our personal eclipse
I clutch your gentle touch
I love you so much
As chills ride my spine
This love we define
But not into words
These feelings can only be felt and not heard
Dip into my intellectual
Make it ever so sensual
And sprinkle me with your trust
This is far beyond lust
This is love that is so true
This love to the fullest we pursue
It is unexplainable science
Feel as I demonstrate my love in silence



Jason said...

Silence is not only golden but it is underrated!

Miss.Stefanie said...

I am with Jason!

Great poem!

Brian Miller said...

nice. love the seusual feel to this...hope you have a great week jstar...thanks for popping ineven if you are busy...smiles. so cool about your mom...

Val said...

"Make it ever so sensual
And sprinkle me with your trust
This is far beyond lust
This is love that is so true"

Wow. Sprinkle me with your trust. That's beautiful!

Miss.Fortune said...

I love to sit in Silence because so many things make much more sense..

enjoy your week

Moanerplicity said...

You're a very deep thinker/writer. Silence is definitely a friend of mine. Maybe we need & feed upon it in order to be creative spirits.



Traci Lavette said...

You know what I find so sweet? The fact that you are so dedicated that you want to make sure your "friends" have something to read when they come by and so you are going to do some re-posts just to seal the deal. Nice.

The poem was wonderful, in true JStar form. If I could master that place of silence, I think I would finally be able to master the art of meditation! I so need that in my life.

Have a good/busy week :-)

Anonymous said...

wow. this is deep. i like it a lot Jennifer. especially the photo.

Don said...

Intimacy defined within the words of your prose are reasons why silence is truly golden, isn't it?

So romantic.