Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I must admit I am intrigued to know more
Than the exterior décor
Physical attraction initially caught our attention
Curious to discover each level of your dimension
Enjoying the current conversation exchange
Looking forward to plans being arranged
And time spent getting to know
How deep our friendship is able to go
Feeling vibes brought by mutual sensuosity
I am intrigued with strong curiosity

Good Morning All! This write was a little forced today. It is how I am feeling right at this very moment about a certain someone...But since there arent really many feelings attached in the begining of getting to know a person, it was hard for me to relay the vibes that are flowing within me. I dont want to make any assumptions about anyone or even get hopes up. I like to take my time and enjoy day by day and whatever happens, happens naturally...


Brian Miller said...

take your time with it...let it develop and if it is meant to be, it will...smiles.

JStar said...

Exactly Brian...I sure am not in ANY rush on anything...Just trying to capture that inital getting to know you stage...Without feelings...Focusing on the friendship to see exactly what it is...

25champ said...

I can dig it :) check out